staged work

emotional musical theater pop, staged

Life, Love, and What I Lost


  1.     Hurry Home * – Mandy Foster
  2.     Let Me In * – Trey Curtis
  3.     Still in the Fight ° – Chris Montalvo
  4.     Dear Diary ° – Devin Medley
  5.     Soldier * – Natalie Patton
  6.     Jump In ° – Devin Medley and Nick Garza
  7.     My Side Now ° – Maddrey Blackwood
  8.     Get Up * – Connor Barr
  9.     Girl You Knew Before ° – Lilly Lane Stafford
  10.     You’re Like The Sun *° – Mandy Foster and Chris Montalvo
  11.     Lie/Lie * – Charlotte York and Ensemble

* denotes a piece written by Natalie Patton

° denotes a piece written by Lilly Lane Stafford



Life, Love, and What I Lost is an original song cycle that explores the ups and downs of life as a twenty-something. Presented through a series of vignettes, this musical piece takes on these experiences one by one: the thrill of first love, the fear of the unforeseeable future, the loss of a loved one, and what it means to love something and let it go. Life, Love, and What I Lost is a colorful and emotional tribute to a generation of not-quite-adults just trying to figure it all out.


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